YOTREPS 2.0 ? Love at second sight…

The YOTREPS module

The YOTREPS module

Have you ever fooled around the AirMail program and found this “module” under, surprise surprise, the MODULES tab? I have been getting a lot of inspiration from it, which in turn has got me thinking about ways to change around the Southbound Evening Net.

Or maybe it was the other way around: I was looking for inspiration on how to change how we do things and then found, or rather, rediscovered  the YOTREPS thingy.

It is love at second sight.



How to get NOAA forecast from SailDocs

2013 Pacific Hurricanes

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Below is a conversation with Jim Corenman, founder of SailMail Association,  who has implemented distribution of the new experimental forecasts via SailDocs.  I had asked him about what is the proper way to get the forecasts.   It’s quite simple now!  (If you need a refresher on requesting files from SailDocs,  click here.) If you have any questions about the process, use the comment form at the bottom.