Introducing Super GRIB !


Viewfax4This is a Super GRIB hot off the Saildocs press.  And it’s courtesy of  both the Tropical Analysis & Forecast Branch of NOAA, and Jim Corenman of SailMail Association, who forged the process in order for you to get it through your AirMail program.

It’s a new approach to looking at raw meteorological data, in that the data in the Super GRIB is cooked a bit.   It’s still a bit on the rare side, because at this stage it’s quite experimental!

Go ahead – click on the image for its full effect!




In a series of conversations with NOAA forecasters, we’ve received incredibly detailed answers to our questions about their new project, the East Pacific Offshore Forecast (EPAC).

We’ve organized the conversations in a kind of Q & A format, which you can find here. It’ll help you understand the “architecture” of the project –  and your place as a participant in it.