Southbound Net Script April 2016










PREAMBLE   May 1 2014

Start Time:   0100 Zulu
Primary Frequencies: 6.516 mHz USB) and 4149 mHz (4B)
Acting Net Manager:   Mark on SV Wendaway
Contact Email:   valiantskipper … [at]…

Start Time: 0100 Zulu

Primary Frequencies: 6.516 mHz USB) and 4.149 mHz (4B)


Acting Net Manager:   Mark on SV Wendaway

Contact Emails: valiantskipper…[…at…] gmail …[dot]…com

Phone US: 1-619-757-3577


Purpose of Southbound Evening Net     The primary purpose of the net is to promote the safety and well-being of cruisers along the Pacific coast of Mexico.


Role of Net Controller  The primary task for the net controller is to start the net at 0100 and call for “emergency traffic” and do whatever is possible to make sure that call is heard as widely as possible. Secondly, to take check-ins from vessels within hearing range of the broadcast in an orderly way. Thirdly, enables the passing of relevant information regarding weather, hazards, and other safety factors. Finally, facilitates the passing of communications (“traffic”) and information between cruisers and generally makes the net a friendly place to connect.


The Format:   (please consider the following to be a guideline! You are most welcome to alter the wording as you see fit, generally following the Purpose and Role as stated above). See Nuts & Boltsdocument for details of how it all works.





  1. Southbound Evening Net Start-up & Greetings


Before starting the net, listen in on 6.516 mHz to see if the frequency is already in use, and the amount of interference. Then transmit something like this:


“Is this frequency in use? Is this frequency in use?   Nothing heard, good evening everyone and welcome to the Southbound Evening Net for ____________, 2014. My name is ________ (name) ________ (call sign) on board the vessel ___________, located (or underway) here ,   __________.


2.      Call for vessels needing help

“Our first order of business  – is there anybody out there who needs help right now? Please call now.

Listen carefully. Ask for anybody listening to let you know if they heard something.


  1. Preamble

Please feel free to set the tone for the net by briefly describing your location, your local weather, and any other information which will help listeners get a sense of your circumstances.


“The Southbound Evening Net exists to promote safety in the cruising fleet and to help us connect with one another. So when the time comes please call with your boat name and be ready with your information. I’ll be asking if you have already reported your weather and position by YOTREPS, which we encourage you to do. If you want to contact another boat, or have a question, or share something interesting for the whole fleet, make sure you let me know, otherwise I may not ask you if you have traffic. I’ll be calling for incoming traffic once I get a list going of boats that have already checked in.


“We’ll start out with vessels underway and then I will provide some new weather information. After that we’ll call for everyone else. Finally, if there are questions or “scuttlebutt” you want to share, I’ll call for that


“The acting net manager is Mark on SV Wendaway and if you want to contact him just let me know. You can also visit our website at We’re now moving on to call for underway vessels to check in.”

  1. Vessels Underway

“Any vessels underway who want to check in to the Southbound Evening Net, please call now.”


Record carefully vessel name, call sign, names of persons onboard. Take weather and sea state information. Ask if they want you to report position and WX via YOTREPS (please see Nuts & Boltsdocument).


5. Weather information if available
“Again, this is the Southbound Evening Net and my name is ______ ___   aboard   ___________   and I am
here ___________.


The following weather forecast is an EXPERIMENTAL product from NOAA, called the East Pacific Offshore forecast, currently in trial phase. Until these forecasts become official, please use your prudence in interpreting this data especially when making sailing plans.



Ask if there are any. If a subject arises where there is a lot of interest, please announce that the issue will be examined at the end of General Check-ins


7. General Check-ins


“I’ll now take check-ins from anybody now, with priority given to vessels underway, so please let me know if I missed you before


“ Anybody who wants to check in please call now.”


At end of check-in:


“Do you have traffic for another boat, a question or some news for the net?”


When all check-ins have been dealt with, move on to your list (if there is one) of new stuff to discuss.


8. Questions, Answers, and other Interesting Stuff   (“Scuttlebutt”)

“Does anybody have an announcement, question or scuttlebutt item for the fleet? “


9.   Close


Please thank those who have participated in the net, especially by boat name if they have contributed with relays,scuttlebutt, etc.


“This ends the Southbound Evening net for (________ this date).   Remember to listen in tomorrow morning to the Amigo Net at 6227 kilohertz at 1400 zulu and Sonrisa Net at 3968 kHz at 1330 Z. Our thanks to the forecasters at NOAA’s National Hurricane Center in Florida who have worked with the Southbound Net

to help make cruising between San Diego and Ecuador safer. Thanks to Stan and Eric who make the SolMate weather possible, and to Geary Ritchie on the Sonrisa Net for his dedication to our safety. This frequency is now clear.”



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