ACTIVE ROSTER   as of April 1, 2016


Southbound, the Evening Net

Mondays    –  Gary – Sea Rover II
Tuesdays   –  Dan –  Dazzler
Wed            –  Michael – Milagro –
Thurs         –  Mark –
Fridays      –  Mark
Saturdays  –
Sundays    –  Gary Sea Rover II


Standby: Jake – SV Jake



  1. Mark, just tried to run the Southbound Evening Net from here in Chiapas. Unfortunately it didn’t go well, I didn’t get any contacts on either 6,516 kHz or 4,149 kHz. Just after I closed the net on 4B I did hear John on Lange try to call for Harmony, but he didn’t respond. To check my radio I did check in with the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14,300 kHz and was able to contact WA4YBC in Georgia with a fantastic signal – so, I don’t know where that leaves us? Shall I continue with running the net next Monday? (We’ll still be in Chiapas it looks like, as my haul out has been delayed by three days 😦

    1. Mike – hope you got my previous email! Not to fret – you did a yeoman service to the net and you are hereby released from your travails! Splendid job… deeply appreciated all your stick-to-itness and reliability. Happy sailing Wanna-go-sailing to you both!

      1. Thanks Mark!

        Boat is on the hard right now, but will be splashed tomorrow. The yard and marina here at Chiapas is very good – all cruisers transiting the area should make a point of stopping! There are great land travel options from here too! We will check out of Mexico and head to El Salvador by mid-week. Look forward to crossing Wendaway’s path soon!

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