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Shore-based volunteer needed

Raising the courtesy flag

The Southbound Evening Net is looking for a volunteer to assemble a nightly weather briefing for the Pacific Coast of Mexico and south.

All it requires is an interest in marine weather…we’ll help you get set up, what you need to do, and connect you with cruisers thru the Southbound Evening Net via email.

Please fill out the contact below for more information!


Fill in the following form to contact the Southbound Evening Net and we will reply to you once we are back in Internet range.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


What’s up for 2016?

NOAA's new westcoast WX zones

NOAA’s new westcoast WX zones

Southbound Evening Net is undergoing a make-over and we’d like to hear from you.

With news from the National Hurricane Center at NOAA that the East Pacific Offshore Forecast (EPOFF) is getting more development effort, it now becomes more a focus for the evening transmission. We’re reading the forecast nightly on 8122 kHz at 0200 UTC and asking cruisers to compare what kind of weather they are experiencing against what the EPOFF forecast predicted.


YOTREPS 2.0 ? Love at second sight…

The YOTREPS module

The YOTREPS module

Have you ever fooled around the AirMail program and found this “module” under, surprise surprise, the MODULES tab? I have been getting a lot of inspiration from it, which in turn has got me thinking about ways to change around the Southbound Evening Net.

Or maybe it was the other way around: I was looking for inspiration on how to change how we do things and then found, or rather, rediscovered  the YOTREPS thingy.

It is love at second sight.