Month: May 2014

Summer Sessions on the SBNet

At the nav station

At the nav station

After an exhaustive consultation process, we’ve finally come to a collaborative decision. SBNet will be going to Summer Hours starting sometime between June 1 and July 15, exact date tba.

The frequency will change to 4149 kHz and the time will be directly after Jake on SV Jake will finish his evening Chubasco report.

When Jake is finished with the WX briefing, he will ask if anyone would like to take check-ins for the Southbound Evening Net. If you are aboard when he makes the call, please consider helping out!


First Aid for your First Aid Kit

Roy and Marlene Verdery in Cartagena

Puerto Escondido May 2, 2014
– It was one of the most interesting seminars at this year’s Loreto Fest, and a large crowd of cruisers strained to hear Dr. Roy Verdery’s talk.

Dr. Verdery, an internist and  hospitalist, is the author or co-author of dozens of  scientific articles as well as being an avid sailor.

His Loreto Fest talk was entitled  Medicine for Cruisers but what he actually delivered might have been more accurately entitled:  First Aid for Your First Aid Kit.

For just one example of his extraordinary suggestions:  do you have your home physician’s email address? did you get her permission to be able to email her when you have a serious problem?

Or this:  do you have four very specific antibiotics and know precisely which one is to be used for which infections?  Should you urinate on a sting ray wound or use hot water?

In fact, every onboard first aid kit should include a copy of  the notes Dr. Verdery used for his Loreto Fest talk.  But how to get a copy – that’s the question!