Wifi router for Wendaway

Alfa-r36We got one of these: a teeny Internet wifi router and we paid $80. The good news: it’s fabulous. The bad news: We got ripped off.

It’s now available at Amazon for $49.99.  And it’s still fabulous.

Ready for the Sham-Wow version of how wonderful it is? here goes. We stick our Banda Ancha dongle from Telcel into the handy USB port on the front of the device.

And the next thing is, we all get Internet on all our devices. Fifty bucks and you have an instant wifi hotspot that you can even share with your boat buddies, if they are digitally-challenged. And as a bonus feature: you don’t have to HAVE YOUR LAPTOP PLUGGED IN .

Imagine the savings in amps! Sham-WOW!

Now, here is the non-Sham-Wow version: it can be really tricky configuring it so the ALFA R-36 will actually be able to sign on to Telcel without going through your laptop, and bypass the Telcel software you normally use. But this requires “unlocking” the device just as it were a US or Canadian cell phone you want to use on the Telcel (or Moviestar) mobile network.

I spent hours trying to get the device to “recognize” the Telcel 3G dongle, and finally I did the right thing and started searching for clues on the web.  Finally I found this lovely article, “How to Get Mexican Telcel Service on Unlocked Cellphone”.  This is what I was looking for:

Name: MX – Telcel Web
APN: internet.itelcel.com
Username: webgprs
Password: webgprs2002

You will need to input this information into the administration page of the router once you’ve installed the software that come with the device. And when you’ve jumped through the first set of headscratchers you’ll be able to access the page on any of your devices. This is where the information above gets put in:

You’ll see this is under the misnamed “Easy Setup” (or maybe it is an inside joke). Still, once you get here you’ll make sure the fields are filled out just like it is here.

Depending on the OS of the computer you are using, you also have to allow it to take control of the network; you may have to create a new “Home Network” or the suchlike, and input its MAC address (more work) and the IP address (it is

And that seems to be it!   Only took me three days and the last day ended at 1 am, with Wendy saying, “Aren’t you done yet?”

And now I seem to be done! I am so delighted with it I wanted to share with all of you who have been wondering how to connect your Telcel Banda Ancha with a wireless router.

AMAZING SHAM-WOW BONUS: You also get the very powerful ALFA wireless access point device included, which allows you to create a hotspot on your boat when you’re getting wifi Internet, instead of through your Banda Ancha.








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