In a series of conversations with NOAA forecasters, we’ve received incredibly detailed answers to our questions about their new project, the East Pacific Offshore Forecast (EPAC).

We’ve organized the conversations in a kind of Q & A format, which you can find here. It’ll help you understand the “architecture” of the project –  and your place as a participant in it.

Please note that there are many questions unanswered, and many many more that we don’t even know what to ask. That’s your part –  please have a look and fill in the comment box at the bottom of the page. We’ll be submitting these to NOAA over the next few months.

We’re also hoping to inspire cruisers in this region to submit their own weather reports, and there’s a good reason why:  there are no weather-reporting buoys operated by NOAA in any of the 14 new forecast regions in EPAC.   And on the East Coast, where there are many buoys, there are also a lot of cruisers who submit WX reports via MAROB/ YOTREPS. (The reporting format is included in the AirMail software program –  see the graphic below).


In fact,  95% of volunteer observations NOAA receives come from the Atlantic coast.   It’s perfectly backwards.

We’d like to encourage cruisers not only to use a reporting form like YOTREPS but as YOTREPS
well to take your time reporting weather and sea conditions when you check into any of the cruisers’ ham and SSB nets in the region.  At Southbound Evening Net we are beginning to do just that by encouraging our net controllers to submit WX reports from the vessels that have checked in with them.  This information will be submitted to NOAA through YOTREPS for inclusion in the  MAROB program.

Please mosey on over to the FAQ page and sign on as an EPAC Beta Tester!



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