How to get NOAA forecast from SailDocs

2013 Pacific Hurricanes

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Below is a conversation with Jim Corenman, founder of SailMail Association,  who has implemented distribution of the new experimental forecasts via SailDocs.  I had asked him about what is the proper way to get the forecasts.   It’s quite simple now!  (If you need a refresher on requesting files from SailDocs,  click here.) If you have any questions about the process, use the comment form at the bottom.


To request current forecast for Pacific Mexico, send an email to:

with this in the body of the message:                                                       send OFFPZ7

For the Central America – Ecuador forecasts send this:                      send OFFPZ8

Check your mail about 5 – 10 minutes later.


>Just to clarify: the syntax is: send OFFPZ7 – is that correct?

That depends on what you want to do. The following will reply with a copy:


(The “send” is assumed if missing, and if what follows is a valid code or a URL).

The following will automatically send a copy (if the document has changed) each day shortly after 00:00 utc (5-15 min’s after the hour):

Subscribe OFFPZ7

The following will send a copy each day shortly after 13:00 utc:

Sub OFFPZ7 time=13:00

The following will check every hour, and send a copy whenever it changes (useful for finding out when it is updated):

Sub OFFPZ7 interval=1

The complete list of Saildocs options is available by sending a (blank) email to:

>Will you be updating the Library Index?

The Saildocs master list is updated, and requesting a Saildocs update from Airmail will update the Saildocs catalog. (Restart Airmail to update the catalog). They are under Offshore/Pacific.

The “index” files that are on Saildocs are not being maintained, and will be replaced by an auto-generated index from the master list. That’s a couple of projects down the list.

Cheers, Jim



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