Revised Zones for new East Pacific Forecast

EPAC zones

Click for full size map

They Listened…

It’s very interesting the way NOAA is approaching the launch of its new East Pacific forecast service.  And the map at the left proves it.

The revised map shows three zones for the Sea of Cortez – a result I believe of feedback from cruisers to the original proposed zones which had the Sea broken into two zones.

As one cruiser put it (and I am paraphrasing), “The flaw in existing forecasts which have a “Northern Sea” above 27 degrees North latitude and another “Southern Sea” below 27 is that cruisers experience a very different reality,” he said.

Many cruisers suggested that three zones would be more useful and NOAA responded.

Now the Sea is divided into three sections – the Northern Gulf of California, Central, and Southern. As well, all the zones have had a “WFO” identifier associated with each zone which will make it easier for Saildocs to begin to distribute the forecasts.


Have a look at the zones and let me know what you think.

Also fyi –  here is what the zones look like on the  Atlantic coast in tropical waters. You’ll appreciate how extensive they are.

Atlantic tropical zones

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